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Plasticity of neuronal circuits underlying the high, the crash and the perseverance in drug addiction

Manuel Mameli

Perinatal to adolescent sensitive periods of vulnerability to cannabis

Olivier Manzoni

Shedding light on the interaction between drugs of abuse and social behavior

Viviana Trezza

Non-pharmacological interventions to reduce drug taking and seeking: Implications for the treatment of Addiction

Marcello Solinas

The multifaceted role of serotonin in substance use disorders

Judith Homberg

The impact of social and environmental experiences on brain and behavioral response to psychostimulants

Valeria Carola

Molecular mechanisms of synaptic plasticity underlying reward processing

Rami Yaka

Overlapping circuits in aversive, appetitive and addictive behaviors

François Georges

Metaplasticity and Addiction: from mechanisms to behaviour

Cristiano Chiamulera

Investigating the role of steroid hormones in vulnerability to addiction

Patrizia Porcu

Improving performance in sports and exercise: the use and abuse of addictive drugs as a new health hazard

Thomas Zandonai

Exploration into Future Targets for Addictions Pharmacotherapy

Noelle Anastasio

Cannabinoid actions in the brain: new fields, new players, new games

Giovanni Marsicano

Synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cathinones- preclinical and clinical studies

Aviv Weinstein

New Psychoactive Substances: focus on Novel Synthetic Opioids

Gaetano di Chiara

Harms and risk factors associated with cannabis abuse

Maria-Paz Viveros

Cannabinoid Dysregulation of Brain Circuits Involved in Reward and Psychiatric Disorders

Carl Lupica

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in the Study and Treatment of Addiction

Abraham Zangen

Application of rTMS in Addiction Medicine

Ti-Fei Yuan

Brain stimulation: from bench to bedside

Antonello Bonci